What’s Your Risk Number? 2017-06-13T10:29:08+00:00

Do you know your Risk Number? You may be surprised.

  • Subjective risk questionnaires nearly always miss the mark. That’s because the old way of assessing risk, stereotyping investors with subjective semantics, simply doesn’t work.
  • Built upon a Nobel Prize-winning framework, Riskalyze is cutting edge technology that identifies your acceptable levels of risk and reward. Using this tool, we ensure that your portfolio defines your investment goals and expectations.
  • A 5-minute questionnaire covers topics such as portfolio size and top financial goals, while showing real dollar amounts of how much you are willing to risk for potential gains. After completing the questionnaire, you will have a personalized Risk Number®. We can quickly see if your Risk Number aligns with the current amount of risk in your portfolio.

Everyone has a Risk Number. What’s yours? Find out now!