Our team is dedicated to providing a superior experience with a bullseye on positively impacting your financial future.

The Highest Standard of Care


As an independent financial advisor, we are held to the highest standard of care – and are required to act in the best interests of clients at all times.

We are a fee-only advisor, which means we don’t accept commissions, kickbacks, or any other incentives for the investment products we select.

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Gail from Maryland
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Our Approach

Our investment philosophy is well-grounded and evidence-based. It is a disciplined approach with a focus on optimizing after-tax returns, low-cost investing, diversified holdings, and proper asset allocation. While aligning your portfolio with the prevailing economic climate, we create a comprehensive investment strategy that best fits your financial life. 

By applying sophisticated financial analysis and research in practical and results-oriented design, your financial solution will be focused on strategies built to minimize risk while pursuing a rate of return sufficient to work towards your goals. While return is always important to you, safety is equally critical. Building portfolios that are consistent with your desired level of safety defines the types of investment options you will be comfortable with and gauges a rate of return you can reasonably expect.

Our mission is to provide you with clear objective guidance, a superior client experience, customized investment solutions, and accessible advisors. We assist you navigate your complex financial matters with the highest levels honesty and integrity.

We are fortunate to work closely with friendly, caring, and intelligent clients whom we truly enjoy spending time with. Our clients are teachers, physicians, lawyers, foundations, entrepreneurs, scientists, and people from all walks of life. They desire a relationship with a trusted financial advisor that can help them prudently manage their financial lives allowing more time devoted to personal pursuits.

Our Unique Solutions


Liquid Cash Management

Do you have lots of cash in the bank making very little? Are you looking for a safe way to earn some extra income? We offer a customized portfolio solution that will invest in a conservative and diversified basket of income securities. Your individual, non-profit, or business' portfolio would have daily liquidity and currently projected to earn between 3.0% to 4.0%.

Enhanced Income

In the current low interest rate environment, traditional "Cookie-Cutter" income portfolios would decline 5% in principal value if interest rates rose by just 1% (which would be partially offset by its average 2.5% yield.) However, restructuring a portfolio with specialty strategies could boost yield to 4-5%. Additionally, we offer an enhanced income alternative that could provide annual income ranging from 5-7%.

Socially Responsible Investing

Do you want your portfolio to align with your social and environmental concerns and beliefs? Your socially responsible portfolio would be built using an additional level of evaluation based on the investment's environmental, social, and governance practices. We want you to be comfortable with your investments and their potential impact.

We are on a mission...

to provide you with advice that is best for you.

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