"Shipbuilders design not for the 95% of sailing days when the weather is clement, but also for the other 5%, when storms blow and their skill is tested."


The Highest Standard of Care


By offering a full range of comprehensive wealth management services, advisor-guided corporate retirement plans, customized investment solutions, and a superior client experience, we give you the accessible advice you need for your important financial decisions. We believe there are four keys to effective, prudent, and successful investing: 

You Deserve an Advisor Who is on Your Side


As an independent financial advisor, we are a fiduciary held to the highest standard of care – and are required to act in the best interests of our clients at all times. We are a fee-only advisor, which means we do not accept commissions, kickbacks, or any other incentives for the investment products we select. Furthermore, we’ll discuss everything we do in detail – and in plain English – with you, so you know exactly what we’re recommending and why. 
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Your Portfolio. Your Speed.


After balancing your willingness to take risk with an appropriate asset allocation, you can sleep well at night knowing your portfolio is set to your desired level of risk. Our ongoing stress tests and live risk monitoring keeps your investments in line.

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Benefit From a Quantitative Rules-Based Risk Model


Our risk-adjustment methodology’s objective is to protect your principal and prevent catastrophic portfolio loses during periods characterized by economic recession, extreme volatility, and negative technical readings (weak pressure, weak breadth). We have the ability to systematically shift your portfolio’s risk level in accordance with your predetermined risk parameters.


Does Your Portfolio Have an Umbrella?


If you don’t know what the weather is, how do you know what clothes to wear? As you can imagine, the right outfit will lead to a more enjoyable experience. The same is true for different investment environments or “seasons.”

Give your portfolio the protection it needs with our evidenced-based investment strategies that are tailored to your goals, risk profile, time horizon, and the market climate.  

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Additional Solutions for Your Portfolio


We will implement a tactical strategy focused on aligning your investments with the current economic and market trends. Your customized investment strategy will benefit from our disciplined and data-driven process, while our comprehensive and integrated services will give you the accessible advice you need for your important financial decisions. We offer a variety of customized solutions built for your specific needs.

Liquid Cash Management

Do you have lots of cash in the bank making very little? Are you looking for a safe way to earn some extra income? We offer a customized portfolio solution that will invest in a conservative and diversified basket of income securities. Your individual, non-profit, or business' portfolio would have daily liquidity and currently projected to earn between 3.0% to 4.0%.

Enhanced Income

In the current low interest rate environment, traditional "Cookie-Cutter" income portfolios would decline 5% in principal value if interest rates rose by just 1% (which would be partially offset by its average 2.5% yield.) However, restructuring a portfolio with specialty strategies could boost yield to 4-5%. Additionally, we offer an enhanced income alternative that could provide annual income ranging from 5-7%.

Socially Responsible Investing

Do you want your portfolio to align with your social and environmental concerns and beliefs? Your socially responsible portfolio would be built using an additional level of evaluation based on the investment's environmental, social, and governance practices. We want you to be comfortable with your investments and their potential impact.

We are on a mission...

to provide you with advice that is best for you.

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