Do you need a portfolio watchdog?

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO)

Introducing an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) to a complex multi-asset, multi-manager investment portfolio enables macro level oversight with conflict-free analysis and decision-making capability. With a fiduciary as a portfolio watchdog, you can gain peace-of-mind knowing your entire portfolio is monitored and coordinated.

Dynamic & Tactical

Dynamic & Tactical

Employing value-added strategic recommendations and asset allocation adjustments best suited for the prevailing macro-environment, we seek to enhance expected returns over traditional endowment investment models focused on long-term, buy and hold structures.

Flexible Matrix

Flexible Responsibility Matrix

Depending upon the scope of the engagement, the roles, responsibility, and discretionary authority over each and every function in the investment process may vary. To effectively navigate complex and volatile markets, governance models should consider the agility of both the discretionary manager and the investment structures employed.

Strategic & Rules-Based

Strategic & Rules-Based

Our data-driven risk model incorporates over 300 macro-economic statistics, intrinsic valuations, attitudinal readings, supply & demand characteristics, and technical market indicators.

Concentrated Stock

Concentrated Stock

Risk management, protection, and diversification strategies for large stock holdings including open window stock sale recommendations, collateral pledges, option hedging, philanthropy & trust gifting, as well as wealth transfer & legacy tax efficiency. 

Take a step towards trusted oversight.

It is not a sales presentation - it is a discussion about uncovering the real risks in your entire portfolio.

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