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Core Wealth Services


A team approach that starts with a tailored client experience centered around your needs.

Offering customized investment portfolios and the accessible advice you need for your important financial decisions. By working closely with you and your other advisors, we understand your evolving needs and objectives.

Balancing your willingness to take risk with an appropriate asset allocation, we implement a disciplined & tactical strategy focused on aligning your investments with the current economic trends.

Designed to meet your goals while addressing the short-comings of the current market environment.  

Our philosophy of providing comprehensive financial services reaches a step beyond customized portfolio management. Through our affiliation with Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates, P.A., a regional CPA and management advisory firm, our team is able to provide you with comprehensive, integrated financial services including tax and cash flow planning, as well as education, retirement, and estate planning.


By engaging GGM as an investment advisor for your company’s retirement plan, we take on a fiduciary role seeking to improve profitability, increase participation, and reduce your expenses. 

Led by an investment committee with more than 90 years of combined expertise. 

Provide easy to use investment models, regular education, on-demand assistance from a knowledgeable team. 

Gain access to the universe of investment choices and a custom plan designed to meet company goals. 

Delivering fee transparency and low cost investment choices. 


Attain peace of mind with comprehensive oversight on your multi-asset, multi-manager portfolio. 

Employing value-added strategic recommendations and asset allocation adjustments best suited for the prevailing macro-environment, we seek to enhance expected returns over traditional endowment investment models focused on long-term, buy and hold structures.

Providing macro level oversight with “conflict-free” analysis and decision making capability. Our dynamic risk model incorporates over 300 macro-economic statistics, intrinsic valuations, attitudinal readings, supply & demand characteristics, and technical market indicators.

Depending upon the scope of the engagement, the roles, responsibility, and discretionary authority over each and every function in the investment process may vary. To effectively navigate complex and volatile markets, governance models should consider the agility of both the discretionary manager and the investment structures employed.

Risk management, protection, and diversification strategies for large stock holdings including open window stock sale recommendations, collateral pledges, option hedging, philanthropy & trust gifting, as well as wealth transfer & legacy tax efficiency. 

Beyond Wealth Management

As an affiliate of Gross, Mendelsohn & Associates, one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest and fastest-growing CPA and technology consulting firms, GGM Wealth Advisors has direct access to some of the region’s best tax and estate planning experts. This means our clients not only benefit from the wealth management expertise of GGM Wealth Advisors, but also the knowledge of talented CPAs who understand the tax and financial ramifications of every aspect of wealth management.

Our relationship with Gross Mendelsohn & Associates allows us to provide you with comprehensive services that utilize a host of our team members, extending beyond your typical financial advisor or accountant relationships. When you work with GGM Wealth Advisors and Gross Mendelsohn, you will work with people dedicated to finding every available opportunity for you to improve profitability as well as preserve wealth.


Assisting you develop family goals, objectives, and mission, which are tailored to the individual requirements of your family. We are ready to help you work through multi-generational issues and apply cutting-edge strategies to help you achieve your long-term family goals.

Coordinate family philanthropic goals and implement integrated estate and income planning-related strategies.

Develop multi-generational tax planning strategies tailored to family goals and individual needs.

In-house personal management including cash flow reporting, review and/or actual day-to-day cash management, and bill paying service.

Provide estate planning, including development of integrated wealth transfer strategies.


Lifetime gifting plans to move assets out of your estate and provide you with the joy of seeing your success help the next generation.

You have spent a lifetime accumulating assets to provide a safe financial future for you and your family. Now it’s time to make sure these future goals and objectives are going to be achieved when you are not there. We can help you navigate the maze of alternatives so you can rest assured that future generations will benefit from what you have accumulated during your lifetime.

A carefully prepared estate plan will allow you to achieve many goals:

  • Ensure the financial security of your spouse
  • Determine what should be left to the children and how their inheritances should be handled if they are young
  • Dispose of the family business
  • Minimize the effects of taxes on your estate
  • Empower a reliable executor and trustee to invest and manage the assets in your estate.

Trusts and wills designed to avoid unnecessary administrative complexity and move assets in accordance with your plans.

Assist with charitable planning to leave a legacy that reflects your values in the community and larger world that you are a part of.

Providing children, grandchildren, and future generations the means to meet your families most important personal goals, such as education, health care, and home purchases.

Tactics to reduce or eliminate both federal and state estate taxes.


Introduction to The College Investment Plan, which is a great way to give students more educational options and offers many advantages, including pre-structured investment options with management by T. Rowe Price, the firm selected by the state of Maryland for its approved plan.

There’s no set investment strategy that works for everyone, which is why The College Investment Plan offers a range of investment options, including enrollment-based portfolios and fixed portfolios. You can invest in either track or use a combination of both. Our team can help you choose the path that will work best with your overall investment goals.

Enrollment-based portfolios are tailored to a student’s expected year of college enrollment and are periodically adjusted to become more conservatively invested as the student gets closer to entering college. There are eight enrollment-based portfolios, ranging from 100% stock funds to a conservative allocation plan.

Fixed portfolios invest in a pre-determined mix of stocks and/or bonds, and the investment mix remains constant. There are five fixed portfolios to choose from, and depending on your goals and risk tolerance, we will help you choose a more aggressively invested equity portfolio, a more conservative short-term bond portfolio, or something in between.


Providing innovative, proactive tax advice, which includes bold yet appropriate application of tax laws to each client’s unique situation.

Take advantage of strategies such as deferral of income, accelerating deductions and tax compliance issues such as,  favorable tax rates, and taking advantage of tax exempt income and tax credits when available.

And because your personal wealth is tied to your business, our tax experts consider all facets of your tax situation, carefully connecting your business and personal financial positions. This integrated approach enables us to deliver proven wealth-generating strategies to you.

In addition to the usual tax preparation and tax planning issues, Gross Mendelsohn’s tax specialists help with entity selection, accounting method selection, benefits planning, tax compliance issues such as the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, investment options, charitable giving, income deferral, asset shifting and protection, buy / sell agreements, earnings accumulation, cost segregation studiesR&D tax credits and estate planning.


Accurate and timely financial statements are essential for quality decision making. With a reputation for superior client service and providing thorough, high-quality and independent audit services, Gross Mendelsohn will help you translate the numbers on your financials into meaningful information that you can use to make sound decisions.

An audit is the inspection of the accounting records and procedures of your organization. An audit verifies whether your organization’s financial statements are presented accurately and completely. An audit, as opposed to a review or compilation, provides the highest level of assurance that the financial statements accurately present your organization’s financial position.

An employee benefit plan audit provides assurance that the financial statements of a plan are properly stated. This can help ensure that the benefits promised will be available to the organization’s employees (plan participants).

Employee benefit plans – including 401(k) and 403(b) plans – with 100 or more plan participants are generally required by the Department of Labor or ERISA to have an annual audit. According to the Department of Labor, however, a staggering 30% of employee benefit plans in Maryland fail to meet the minimum requirements for professional standards. 


Automate complex business processes, eliminate the need to enter the same information into multiple systems, and gain insight from powerful reports to help you make better decisions.

Similar to dashboards, business intelligence and analytics tools translate your data into meaningful insights, which ultimately result in more strategic business decisions.

Keep your team connected through innovative, easy-to-use technology tools. Monitor projects, collaborate and improve the quality of your work, all in a secure environment.

Maximize security and minimize downtime with just the right mix of technology tools. From managed services to help desk and remote monitoring, we have your back.

Integrations between systems save time, minimize errors, eliminate the need for overlapping databases, and make data more accessible to the right people.

Experience the difference our team's dedication will bring to your life.

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