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Petya: Network Safety Alert

The latest massive ransomware attack, Petya, is quickly spreading to the United States. Similar to WannaCry, Petya capitalizes on the same Windows vulnerabilities, but Petya has developed an even more devastating result. If infected, Petya moves quickly to encrypt your computer boot files and shuts down your entire system leaving you with little to no hope of recovering your data.

Our Technology Solutions Group has provided some tips and tricks to avoid being infected by Petya:
  1. Check to be sure that your Microsoft Windows is up to date. Immediately install updates to help protect yourself against this malware.
  2. Carefully screen all emails from vendors. If something doesn’t look right, do not open it!
  3. Be sure you are backing up your data regularly. Having a reliable, accurate backup of your files is the only way to guarantee your data will be recovered after an attack.
If you are concerned about your network safety or need help preparing yourself against Petya, please contact our Technology Solutions Group ASAP!
Brooke Peterson

2020 Retirement Savings Contribution Limits

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has announced its 2020 cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs) for retirement plans. While some retirement plan limitations will stay the same for 2020, many key limitations will increase next year, including the participant contribution limit. […]

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Investment Strategy
Ryan Baldwin

What Could Spook the Market?

Happy Halloween! Today is the day when all things spooky and scary are embraced to the fullest. Haunted houses with surprises around each corner are considered “fun,” but the market doesn’t necessarily feel the same way when it is spooked or taken by surprise. So, what spooky surprises do we […]

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Brooke Peterson

4 Reasons why Millennials are the New Face of the Retirement Crisis

Recently #millennialretirementplans was trending on Twitter. The “retirement plans” that were mentioned were not your typical blend of Social Security and retirement plan assets. The “plans” were much more dismal, with major concerns over healthcare costs, Social Security running out, lack of savings, and climate change. […]

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