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Maryland College Investment Plan

Working together with our clients, we introduce them to The College Investment Plan. It is a great way to give students more educational options and offers many advantages, including pre-structured investment options with management by T. Rowe Price, the firm selected by the state of Maryland for its approved plan.


Which Investment Track is Best for You?

There’s no set investment strategy that works for everyone, which is why The College Investment Plan offers a range of investment options, including enrollment-based portfolios and fixed portfolios. You can invest in either track or use a combination of both. The team at GGM Wealth Advisors can help you choose the path that will work best with your overall investment goals.


Investment Options

Enrollment-based portfolios are tailored to a student’s expected year of college enrollment and are periodically adjusted to become more conservatively invested as the student gets closer to entering college. There are eight enrollment-based portfolios, ranging from 100% stock funds to a conservative allocation plan.

Fixed portfolios invest in a pre-determined mix of stocks and/or bonds, and the investment mix remains constant. There are five fixed portfolios to choose from, and depending on your goals and risk tolerance, GGM will help you choose a more aggressively invested equity portfolio, a more conservative short-term bond portfolio, or something in between.


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