Stablecoins – Not so Stable?

Cryptocurrency continues to make headlines, just not in the way we have become familiar with in the last year. As volatility in crypto assets has shown no signs of abating, crypto investors looked for other avenues to have exposure to a digital currency that could be more stable… enter Stablecoins. [...]

5 Things you Need to Know About Elon Musk Buying Twitter

The whole world is buzzing, or tweeting, about Twitter as the recent news that Tesla CEO Elon Musk tendered a $44 Billion offer to buy the company, and the board of directors accepted the offer. So what happened, what happens next, and what happens to shareholders? First, let’s define a few key terms: [...]

Did the Rams or Crypto Win the Super Bowl?

If you were one of the 112.3 million viewers of the Super Bowl on Sunday, you more than likely saw at least one of the four crypto related commercials. While some voted Larry David’s “Don’t Miss Out” commercial for FTX as the “best” commercial, others were left confused by the estimated $14 million [...]

Understanding Bitcoin ETFs

Since we last looked at Bitcoin a lot has changed. Several of the potential bear cases we discussed (such as attempted government regulation and concern over the amount of energy used while mining) came to pass, and the price of bitcoin fell substantially. However, the price of Bitcoin[...]

Ethereum Part I: An Introduction

In this installment of “Understanding the Crypto Craze” we will focus on Ethereum. Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin. The digital currency had been on quite a run, hitting a record above $4,000 in early May before experiencing significant volatility in the past week. Let’s begin by taking a look at the basics [...]

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding Bitcoin

There has been a lot of talk about Bitcoin and other digital currencies in the news recently. Prices have skyrocketed and many investors are asking, “is there a place in my portfolio for these new currencies?” In this blog we will answer some basic questions about the most well-known digital currency, Bitcoin. What is Bitcoin? [...]

What is Happening with GameStop?

You might be wondering how GameStop, a struggling icon of 2000’s malls best known for driving hard bargains with teenagers over the price of used video games, has become the center of the investment universe. You are not alone. On January 4, 2021 a single share of GameStop was worth $17.25 and [...]

CARES Act Reminder: RMD Rollbacks

The CARES Act was passed back in late March to provide economic relief during the Coronavirus pandemic. An important piece of the initial legislation was the waiver of required minimum distributions (RMD) for 2020. The initial legislation did not include relief for those who had already taken a portion or the full RMD prior to [...]

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