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Unlock 5 Advantages of Advisor-Guided Retirement Plans

With most Americans concerned that they won’t be able to retire on time, or perhaps worse, will outlive their retirement income, it’s time for business owners to get serious about employee-sponsored retirement plans. These plans are a primary money stream for individuals in their retirement years, making it absolutely essential that they’re designed to benefit [...]

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Stocks Fly! Stock markets are off to a strong start in 2017 fueled by healthy earnings growth. As companies in the S&P 500 index begin to report their results for the 1st quarter, aggregate sales and earnings growth are currently up 4.4% and 13.2%, respectively, when compared to last year. Political tailwinds? While much of [...]

“The Plow Horse is Dead”

We continue to observe evidence of accelerating economic growth, an environment that historically bodes very well for stocks. We remain optimistic and anticipate a positive investment climate to persist for much of 2017. Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist for First Trust Portfolios, shares a similar viewpoint in this short video about how and why he believes [...]

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What happened?  On June 23, United Kingdom (UK) voters sent shockwaves through financial markets around the world by opting to leave the European Union (EU) by a 52% to 48% margin. The vote, commonly referred to as “Brexit” (by merging Britain and exit), sent the British Pound to a 31 year low versus the U.S. [...]

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Does your crystal ball bounce?

We currently observe weakening economic conditions and slowing corporate earnings growth combined with elevated equity valuations. With the odds of the U.S. economy slipping into recession increasing and heightened levels of geopolitical risk, we believe it is prudent to focus on capital preservation, reduce portfolio risk, and maintain a conservative bias. Periods of market [...]

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How Does the Economy Really Work?

This easy-to-understand video by Ray Dalio shows the basic driving forces behind the economy, and explains why economic cycles occur by breaking down concepts such as credit, interest rates, leveraging and deleveraging. Check it out! For help, contact Jeff at GGM.

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Investment Strategy – 2nd Quarter 2015

What You Need to Know What’s happening in Greece? Greece is broke and refuses to change its “living beyond its means” behavior. As its creditors and European leaders engage in a high-stakes game of political chicken, the fate of the Euro currency and the balance of power in Europe are at stake. There is [...]

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Investment Strategy – 1st Quarter 2015

Key Developments – 1st Quarter         Asset Category Action Plan Equity: Adjustments made throughout the winter months towards a slightly defensive posture prepared portfolios for the choppy, volatile market action that plagued the 1st quarter of 2015. We observe the potential for a range-bound market environment to persist creating opportunities in some [...]

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Investment Strategy – 4th Quarter 2014

  Asset Category Action Plan Equity: Numerous adjustments occurred during the 4th quarter to rotate equity allocations away from higher risk categories in favor of those with defensive characteristics. During the market selloff in October we added several sector index holdings with a focus on healthcare, consumer staples, utilities, and commodities. (Additions were dependent on [...]

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Investment Strategy – 3rd Quarter 2014

Key Developments   Asset Category Action Plan Equity: During the quarter, equity transactions focused on reducing risk within portfolios by eliminating weaker, under-performing holdings in favor of funds that are demonstrating the ability to out-perform their peers and navigate the recent volatility. We continue to seek opportunities in select sectors with attractive long-term macro themes, such [...]

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