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Helping you to successfully achieve

and maintain your desired lifestyle.



Customized investment solutions and accessible

advice with full transparency and objectivity.



Focused on providing you with the highest

quality investment management services.

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Our Wealth Management Approach

Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, GGM Wealth Advisors is an independent, fee-only wealth management firm powered by Charles Schwab. We focus on helping you achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle with full transparency and objectivity. We offer customized investment solutions, a tailored client experience, and the accessible advice you need for your important financial decisions. Learn more about why our approach is different.

Our Integrated Investment Process

We work closely with you and your other advisors, understanding your evolving needs and objectives, to build an investment portfolio strategy designed to successfully achieve your goals. Learn about how we balance your risk tolerance with an appropriate asset allocation and implement a disciplined & tactical strategy, starting with our six step process.

How Can We Help You?

We’ll talk over everything we do in detail — and in plain English — with you, so you know exactly what we’re recommending and why. The first step is a “Get Acquainted” meeting so we can determine if the relationship is a good fit.


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