Built around your personalized goals and objectives, our dynamic portfolio management process augments a traditional asset allocation of core equity (stocks) and core fixed income (bonds) with value-added strategies best suited for the prevailing macro-economic environment. We leverage strategic partnerships with a select group of institutional research firms we believe provide a superior level of expertise. Together with a tactical (disciplined & rules-based) risk model, which incorporates over 500 metrics of economic, valuation, and other technical statistics, we seek to enhance expected returns over “traditional” investment models focused on long-term, buy & hold structures.

customized investment portfolio building blocks

Core Portfolio Structure:

Core equity and fixed income allocations are centered around the industry’s leading mutual fund managers. Our proprietary screening process constantly evaluates mutual fund statistics and performance measures of both current positions and potential additions, striving to invest with top-quality managers that demonstrate the ability to consistently beat their benchmark return.

Value-Added Proprietary Strategies:

Risk-Adjusted Equity: 

Combining both short-term market reading indicators and long-term major trend indices, broad equity exposure is added or removed from a portfolio to adjust the equity risk level. The short-term portion generates approximately 3-7 shifts per year, while the long-term indicators only signal shifts roughly 2-3 times every 5 years.

Strategic Opportunities: 

GGM enlists several institutional research firms to provide marco economic analysis and specific investment ideas, primarily utilizing sector ETFs (exchange traded funds) and indexes, designed to align portfolio structure towards the best performing categories for the prevailing macro-economic conditions.

Enhanced Income: 

A diversified group of alternative “enhanced income” equity vehicles designed to deliver approximately 5-7% annually, which is more than four times the current 5-year Treasury bond.