Investors, Please Strap in Tight and Keep Your Hands Inside the Ride

As the weather heats up and local amusement parks tune up their rides for the summer crowds, dreams of heading to Hershey Park, Six Flags or Kings Dominion are in full swing. If you are anything like me, you like the roller coasters that go fast, twist you up, down, left then right, and finish [...]

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Stocks Fly! Stock markets are off to a strong start in 2017 fueled by healthy earnings growth. As companies in the S&P 500 index begin to report their results for the 1st quarter, aggregate sales and earnings growth are currently up 4.4% and 13.2%, respectively, when compared to last year. Political tailwinds? While much of [...]

“The Plow Horse is Dead”

We continue to observe evidence of accelerating economic growth, an environment that historically bodes very well for stocks. We remain optimistic and anticipate a positive investment climate to persist for much of 2017. Brian Wesbury, Chief Economist for First Trust Portfolios, shares a similar viewpoint in this short video about how and why he believes [...]

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3 Common Retirement Accounts: Which One Is Best for You?

As a hard-working American, you spend a lot of your life punching the clock day in and day out, dreaming of the day when you can trade your business attire for a swimsuit as you relax by the beach while RETIRED! When I think of retirement, I think of golf, tennis, DIY projects, relaxation, travel [...]

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The Impact of Trump’s Proposed Tax Plan on You

On the campaign trail Donald Trump proposed significant changes to the income and transfer of taxation of individuals. Immediately upon Steven Mnuchin’s appointment as Secretary of the Treasury, Mnuchin made it clear there would be major changes to the tax code, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the Reagan years. With the House [...]

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2016: A Year of Two Halves

The stock market opened the year in a “risk-off” mode over fears of global growth slowing, falling oil prices, and a U.S. corporate earnings recession. By mid-February equities were down more than 10%. Although markets rebounded through the spring, the negative sentiment and volatility persisted for much of the first half. A quiet summer vacation [...]

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6 Steps to Safeguard Against Cybercriminals

We’ve all seen the headlines in the news in recent years — “Data Breach at XYZ Company.” Big-name companies such as Yahoo, Google, CVS, U.S Olympic Committee, Capital One, and an uncomfortably long list of others have been named in those headlines. Nearly 1,000 data breaches in 2016 put the personal information of more than [...]

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Will Santa Claus Remember Wall Street?

You better watch out You better not cry Better not pout I'm telling you why Santa Claus is coming to town He's making a list And checking it twice; He's gonna find out Who's naughty or nice Santa Claus is coming to town -  Santa Claus is Coming to Town, Haven Gillespie and J. Fred [...]

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Will Trump Make America Great Again?

In an election night shocker, Donald Trump emerged from the presidential election as the victorious candidate. The Republican Party also retained control of both chambers of Congress. As the election night drama unfolded, the markets initially plunged -5% with the Dow futures trading down over 700 points. But it didn’t last long. In a year [...]

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Votes = Volatility

Whether it’s a national election or a Fed vote on interest rates, markets hate uncertainty. Check out what’s been happening over the last quarter and our  thoughts on where we go from here. Key themes from the third quarter Low Quality Dominates Brushing aside evidence of a global economic slowdown and political uncertainty, investors appear [...]

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